Model makers, designers and art fabricators in London. 3D printing, CNC and laser cutting services.

A company providing a fresh approach to creative manufacturing, project management and creative consultancy solutions. From one of a kind productions to mass manufacturing facilitation or anything in between. Scales & Models provides personal services to local clients in the London area, as well as the UK and Europe . We have a proven track record in assisting clients with a reliable and enthusiastic approach in bringing conceptual ideas into the physical realm.

Digital manufacturing has become increasingly more present in the way we create and design to manufacture. As a result we also offer additional services including design development skills, digital modelling, 3D printing, CNC machining, vacuum forming and laser cutting to mention a few.

Some of the projects we get involved with include marketing campaigns, architectural models, window displays, prop making, store decorations, engineering prototypes and fine art sculptures. We use a wide range of materials including acrylics, timbers, veneers, automotive spray painting, resins, rubbers, glass, fiber glass, metals, card board.

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